Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

With the help of today’s cutting-edge technology, our satisfied customers are saying goodbye to unwanted body hair and embracing a new silky-smooth skin. Whether arising from hormone imbalance, puberty, heredity, medication, or other multiple factors, many men and women struggle with excessive hair growth on their face or other body parts. In today’s busy world, people are no longer opting for time-consuming traditional methods, such as shaving, waxing, and tweezing, to get rid of unwanted hair and are looking for the latest technology in laser hair removal. Nuevaderm brings you the best and safest of laser technology with the Elite Plus by Cynosure and Vectus by Cynosure suitable for all hair and skin types.

Cynosure Elite Plus
Our main concern is to offer our clients long-lasting results with the help of the new Cynosure Elite Plus machine suitable for different skin types, including tanned and fair skin. This innovative machine targets and permanently removes unwanted body hair without causing any damage to the client’s surrounding skin and with minimal pain.

A machine for all patients
Our experienced practitioners will guide you through the most suitable laser for your skin and hair type. Our world-famous Alexandrite Laser machine emits high energy light from an alexandrite crystal and produces a beam of light that is 755 nm long. The Alexandrite machine is efficient for lighter skinned patients who can achieve a hair clearance rate of 70% after the recommended number of treatments.

As for very dark skin types, it is better to opt for the Nd:YAG laser considering that the beam’s extra length penetrates hair follicles without leaving any damage on the skin pigment. This machine provides one of the most advanced types of laser and offers a great long-term solution for our clients.

Vectus by Cynosure
The Vectus Cynosure is an advanced machine equipped with different sized applicators which makes it easy to remove hair from the face, underarms, arms, chest, back and bikini area. It is safe to use for different skin types and hair – including light and dark skin tones and hair colors – with the help of its diode technology. It comes with Skintel melanin digital reader which determines the laser’s power level prior to the treatment in order to avoid any side effect and guarantee no burning. This machine provides a painless solution with the help of its advanced cooling system to eliminate any possible discomfort.

Laser Hair Removal Tips
Before and after your hair removal session, make sure to avoid sun exposure and apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily. Clients should also avoid other hair removal methods (plucking, waxing, etc…) for at least four weeks before treatment as this can disturb the hair follicle. Stop using blood-thinning medications after consultation with your doctor before the procedure. It is recommended to shave the treatment area one day before the laser procedure in order to remove hair above the skin and avoid surface skin damage from burnt hairs.

Take the Next Step
If you would like to get rid of unwanted hair on your body or face, do not hesitate to contact Nuevaderm to provide you with the best pain-free laser hair removal. Forget about old school methods such as waxing, tweezing, plucking and shaving and embrace a new hair-free life. Schedule your free consultation now!